Our Perfect EQUIPMENT valve range includes tire valves, rim valves, car valves and valves for trucks and vans. Matching our valve assortment we also provide component products such as valve caps and valve inserts.

tire valves and accessories 

Our Perfect EQUIPMENT valve product range includes tire valves, rim valves, car valves and valves for trucks and vans. Matching our valve assortment we also provide component products such as valve caps and valve inserts.

Whenever a tire is changed the tire valves and rim valves should be replaced as well because they are generally exposed to a lot of wear. Car and transporter valves are subject to many external influences, which can lead to a pressure loss of the tire and sufficient road safety is no longer given. To avoid this, never neglect checking tire valves when changing a tire.

We offer you all the products and accessories you need for changing a tire and tire valves. Expand and perfect your (do-it-yourself) workshop with our Perfect EQUIPMENT valve range and the appropriate workshop accessories. Take your customer satisfaction with our Perfect EQUIPMENT products to the next level!

Car valves

During their use, car valves are subject to a lot of stress from external influences. This wear and tear can sooner or later lead to a loss of pressure in the tire. Therefore, the safety of the driver and other road users is thereby endangered. It is thus of utmost importance to choose the right car valve and to replace the valves every time the tires are changed.

The selection of valves is very vast. As for material, valves vary between rubber valves, metal car valves or aluminium valves. They also differ in the way they are attached to the rim: snap-in rubber valves are pulled into the rim with the help of a valve retraction lever, whereas clamp-in metal screw-in valves are screwed into the valve hole. Snap-in car valves are suitable for speeds up to 130 mph. At higher speeds, special clamp-in metal valves must be used.
The most important technical data to differentiate the valves are the length and the diameter of the rim hole. Labels such as TR412, TR413 or TR414 indicate the length of the car valve and for which rim hole size it is suitable. For example, TR413 indicates 42.5mm in length and 11.3mm in the rim hole diameter.

Many car drivers prefer metal valves for their light-alloy rims because they are more visually appealing than rubber valves. However, is the high price for metal tyre valves justified, or does the customer only pay for good looks?
In combination with alloy rims, metal valves score points in their design. However, next to appearance, safety is also a very crucial aspect to consider. At speeds above 130 mph, metal valves withstand centrifugal forces better than rubber valves. Also, they do not leak air at high pressures. A disadvantage, however, is their low flexibility. The rigid metal easily breaks when, for example, it hits a curb. Some expert opinions suggest the use of metal valves only for selective rims. In case you like to drive fast, you should use metal valves despite expert-opinion.
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The best time to replace car valves is during seasonal tyre changes. Depending on the type of valve, different intervals to change the car valves must be considered. For metal valves, it is enough if the change takes place along with the seasonal summer and winter tyre change. Rubber valves, on the other hand, should be changed every six months. Changing a car valve is not expensive. You should not save money at the cost of safety. In any case, it is crucial to check when visiting the workshop whether the service was performed. Additionally, if you regularly check your tyre pressure, there is nothing in the way of a safe drive.
By the way: The right tyre pressure not only ensures safety but also lowers travel costs due to lower fuel consumption. So if you check your tyre pressure on a regular basis, you can save money!

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Light truck valves

Besides car valves, Perfect EQUIPMENT also offers light-truck valves. Light truck rim valves are specially designed for transporters because transporter valves are subject to high amounts of stress during their service life.

Like all tire valves from Perfect EQUIPMENT, the light truck valve is also workshop-tested. The light- truck valve is the solution for heavy use and high requirements: High-quality materials ensure high durability and protect the valve from excessive stress.

Both metal and rubber valves are suitable as light truck rim valves. Perfect EQUIPMENT's rubber truck rim valves are made of a particularly hard rubber and a longer and stronger brass body, which provides more stability while driving and makes the valve very safe and reliable. However, at speeds above 130 mph it is better to use light truck rim valves made of metal.

It is recommended to have the rubber valves replaced each time the tyre is changed. Transporter valves are subject to heavy wear and are potentially damaged. Particularly with rubber valves, check whether the rubber is brittle or whether the valve’s core is corrosive. Defective valves bear a high safety risk: tyre pressure loss can lead to loss of control of the vehicle and a longer braking distance, but also increased wear and fuel consumption. Regular inspection and replacement of transporter valves is, therefore, a must.

Even though a metal light truck valve is more robust, we recommend replacing it every time the tyre is changed or at least after every second season. Tyre valves are subject to heavy wear and tear and environmental influences such as sunlight or the use of chemicals. Also, when missing the valve cap the tyre loses pressure. Therefore, the metal light truck valve should be checked at regular intervals.
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The underestimated accessories - valve caps and valve inserts

We all know, checking the tire pressure regularly can be quite a nuisance. Screwing the valve caps on and off is often considered annoying and tedious. However, do not underestimate the importance of these small valve caps. Valve caps protect the tire and valve from the gradual loss of pressure, dust and dirt. Valves and valve caps are exposed to high loads. Valves with no valve cap begin to leak and lose pressure when dirt enters them.

Our Perfect EQUIPMENT valve inserts are characterised by their easy installation and high level of permeability. We provide our high-quality valve inserts at a reasonable price to protect your valves from moisture, dirt and creeping pressure loss. At Perfect EQUIPMENT, you will find everything you need concerning valves.

Check your tyre pressure and valve accessories, including the valve cap, at regular intervals. It increases your driving safety and reduces your long-term travel costs. In case you notice a loss of pressure, first, check the valve caps, then the valve insert, the entyre valve and the whole tyre at last. In most cases, the solution is cheaper and faster than anticipated. At Perfect EQUIPMENT you will find all the accessories you need to take your workshop service to the next level.