Balancing Weights

Perfect EQUIPMENT provides a solution for every preference and need with our wide and deep range of balancing weights - workshop-tested and durable!

Knock-on weights –
quality for wheel and tire mounting

Nearly 100 years of experience in the production of balancing weights do not lie: Perfect EQUIPMENT sees itself as a reliable and competent partner for wholesalers and garages for wheel and tire mounting products. In addition to adhesive weights, we place special emphasis on the qualitative demands of our knock-on wheel weights for steel rims and aluminium rims.

The range of Perfect EQUIPMENT knock-on wheel weights includes our top-selling knock-on weight type 84C in grammatures from 5g to 50g or type 5 and type 63. Many of our Perfect EQUIPMENT knock-on wheel weights are powder-coated and thus well protected against external influences and corrosion. We are proud to be the leading brand for workshop supplies and to be successful worldwide. Our satisfied customers in the wholesale and intermediate trade as well as in car repair shop prove us right. Of course, we are not resting on this success: We work daily to improve our knock-on wheel weights, adhesive weights and tire valves, and to meet the high standards of our own performance.

We are aware that knock-on weights for steel rims and alloy wheels as classic C-parts tend to evoke little emotion in the buyer. Nevertheless, every workshop must stock them as a basic assortment for summer and winter tyres. This is precisely why our engineers and workshop experts pay particular attention to precise workmanship and durability of all our Perfect EQUIPMENT balancing weights. We at WEGMANN automotive know very well that it is precisely these small products, such as knock-on weights for steel rims, that count to ensure the safety and reliability of every vehicle and therefore also of the driver. Knock-on wheel weights and adhesive weights - small products without which no wheel runs smoothly!

Perfect EQUIPMENT is a brand of WEGMANN automotive, one of the world's leading manufacturers of balance weights, valves and wheel-related products.

In addition to our knock-on wheel weights for steel rims, our knock-on and safety weights for aluminium rims are also worth seeing. The principle that applies to all our products is: no unnecessary frills - neither in the packaging nor in the product itself. Our adhesive and knock-on weights do exactly what they are supposed to do: They are easy to attach to the rim and they hold and stick reliably.

Universal adhesive weights
and adhesive rolls

Perfect EQUIPMENT offers with its trade-optimised and workshop-tested universal adhesive bars and adhesive weight rolls an ideal assortment for every workshop that wants to precisely balance aluminium rims with adhesive weights. Our black adhesive weights are perfect for those that are also looking for an appealing design next to performance in adhesive weights. Balancing tires has never been easier!

Perfect EQUIPMENT adhesive weights are characterised by their particularly good mouldability and allow easy application on the rim. High-quality zinc and steel, as well as lead, are the basic materials for our adhesive weights and adhesive weight rolls for rims. With various profiles, colours and rolls, Perfect EQUIPMENT offers the right solution for every car workshop’s preferences and ideally covers the workshop's needs in adhesive weights for balancing tires. 

Perfect EQUIPMENT is your reliable partner for successful balancing of wheels and convinces among other things in the following areas:

  • Adhesive weights
  • Adhesive weights rolls
  • Adhesive bars 

Even if we do not focus on design: Our MultiFit adhesive weights with universal fit for almost all rim types are impressive! At the same time, they are application-optimised, i.e. they enable easy use in the workshop. Clean processing and smooth surfaces of the adhesive bars and adhesive weights rolls are additional features that make our products so popular. What makes the endless adhesive weights roll so successful? Individual weight elements can be easily separated according to individual requirements. The protruding liner makes it easier to remove the film from the adhesive surface. The design must not only be visual but can also be reflected in a simple application and thought-through materials - in other words, Made in Germany.


Workshop experts have long appreciated our well-proved quality powder coating, which is not only found on our impact weights, but also on adhesive weights and adhesive weight rolls. Adhesive weights protect the entyre weight from corrosion and have an attractive metallic effect to match the colour of the rim. Simplicity does not necessarily mean sacrificing visual advantages.
Our double-adhesive tapes all have a protective film and the so-called finger lift, which means that the protective film protrudes slightly at the edges, making the adhesive weight’s removal a child's play.

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