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Workshop accessories from Perfect EQUIPMENT

Due to the rapid development of the automotive market, garages must be up to date with their workshop accessories. Perfect EQUIPMENT offers you workshop accessories for all requirements. Be it for garages, for do-it-yourself workshops or professional garage businesses, Perfect EQUIPMENT provides an extensive range of high-quality tire fitting accessories and tire mounting tools for everyone.

The Perfect EQUIPMENT range includes a variety of products for workshop equipment from mounting paste to marking chalk. The Perfect EQUIPMENT workshop equipment range leaves nothing to be desired. Our workshop equipment is of high quality and tested according to the latest standards. Do you want to include Perfect EQUIPMENT products in your workshop equipment? Then check out the Perfect EQUIPMENT Brand Store on Amazon and explore our extensive workshop equipment selection. In addition to our workshop accessories, our workshop equipment also carries balancing weights and tire valves for cars, vans and trucks. 

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Accessories for tire mounting tools

Perfect EQUIPMENT offers the ideal workshop accessories for the tire fitting process. In a workshop, tire mounting tools are used to mount the tire on a rim. As part of the tire mounting tools, tire fitting paste is used to ensure that the tire fits close to the rim. The high-quality tire fitting paste from the Perfect EQUIPMENT tire mounting tools is ideally suited for quick and easy fitting of the tire. Our tire level is the ideal tire mounting tool for mounting tires on commercial vehicles as well as agricultural and construction machinery. Our marking chalk ensures that the tires are optimally marked. This is only a small excerpt from our range of tire mounting tools. Visit us in our shop and convince yourself of our offers.



Perfect EQUIPMENT workshop accessories –
Quality for every workshop

We make it our daily mission to provide an extensive range of workshop equipment such as balancing weights, valves and accessories for the wholesale trade and the end-user in car workshops. Our workshop equipment is of high quality, durable and yet affordable. In other words, workshop accessories that reflect the real needs of car workshops - no bells and whistles, no unnecessary details, but high-quality products. Our workshop accessories from Perfect EQUIPMENT are trade-optimised and workshop-tested. Our recipe for success? Almost 100 years of experience in the production of C-parts for the automotive aftermarket. 

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