Perfect EQUIPMENT - everything for the needs of the workshop.

At Perfect EQUIPMENT, every tool professional will find the right products for workshop equipment in the automotive sector.

Perfect EQUIPMENT, with headquartered in Veitshöchheim, Lower Franconia, Germany, is a brand of WEGMANN automotive, the world market leader for balancing weights. With its own production facilities in Germany, Europe-wide distribution centers and worldwide sales offices, WEGMANN automotive is globally positioned and supplies all well-known automotive manufacturers as well as the leading spare parts trade organizations in America, Europe and Asia. Perfect EQUIPMENT's international distribution structure ensures short delivery routes as well as fast response times. Especially in Europe we guarantee a fast product availability with our central warehouse in Germany. Local contacts in the most important markets strengthen customer service and promote uncomplicated communication.

Perfect EQUIPMENT stands for…

  • the perfect matching of products to the needs of wholesalers or workshops.
  • an outstanding product quality.
  • a broad product portfolio.
  • structures in line with the market.
  • professional services for the optimal distribution of the products.
  • good on-site support.
  • reliability.
  • attractive prices.

Do you have questions or suggestions about our products or need other support? Feel free to contact us and we will personally answer your questions.

What is MultiFIT?

MultiFIT is a universal fit for balancing weights, which is suitable for almost all common rim types. The fit was developed specifically for the trade and makes it easier for customers to use in the workshop.

The Perfect EQUIPMENT weights are application-oriented and made in Germany.