Our Perfect EQUIPMENT valve range includes car and van valves. To match the valve range, you will find suitable valve accessories such as valve caps and valve inserts.

Car valves

Car valves are subject to heavy stress from external influences during their use. This wear on the car valve can sooner or later lead to a loss of pressure in the tire. Both the driver's safety and that of other road users are severely jeopardized as a result. It is therefore all the more important to choose the right car valve and to replace the valves regularly each time the tires are changed.

In general, the choice of car valves is very large. Based on the material, rubber valves, metal car valves or aluminum valves can be distinguished. A distinction can also be made in terms of how they are attached to the tire rim: Snap-in rubber valves are pulled into the rim with the help of a valve retraction lever, whereas clamp-in metal screw valves are screwed into the valve hole. It is important to note that Snap-In Schrader valves are suitable for speeds of up to 210 km/h. For higher speeds, special clamp-in valves are required. At higher speeds, special clamp-in metal valves must be used with the tires.
The most important technical data to distinguish the valves are the length and the rim hole diameter. Designations such as TR412, TR413 or TR414 indicate the length of the car valve and the rim hole size for which the car valve is suitable. TR413, for example, indicates a length of 42.5mm and a rim hole diameter of 11.3mm. 

For visual reasons in particular, many car drivers prefer metal valves to rubber valves for their alloy wheels. This raises the question: Is the high price for metal tire valves justified, or is the customer only paying for the look?
In combination with alloy rims, metal car valves clearly score in terms of design. However, a much more important point besides appearance is safety. At speeds above 210 km/h, metal valves withstand centrifugal force better than rubber valves. They are also convincing because of their higher tightness at high pressures. One disadvantage, however, is their low flexibility. The inflexible metal tends to break if, for example, a curb is bumped roughly. Some expert opinions prescribe the use of metal valves for certain rims. Anyone who likes to drive fast should in any case voluntarily use metal valves, even if the expert opinion does not stipulate it.

The most appropriate time to replace the car valves is during the seasonal tire change. Depending on the type of car valve, it is necessary to plan different periods for the change of the tire and the car valve. For metal valves, it is sufficient if the change takes place in the respective summer or winter season. Rubber valves, on the other hand, should be changed regularly every six months. Changing a car valve is not expensive. So you shouldn't save money at the expense of safety. In any case, when visiting the workshop, it should be checked whether the service has actually been carried out. If you now check your tire pressure regularly, nothing should stand in the way of a safe drive.
By the way: the correct tire pressure not only ensures safety, but also lower driving costs due to reduced fuel consumption. So if you check your tire pressure regularly, you can save money!

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Van valves

The van valves are specially designed for the tires of vans, because they are particularly stressed during their service life. 

Like all Perfect EQUIPMENT tire valves, the van valve is workshop tested. It is the solution for difficult applications and high demands: High-quality materials ensure high resistance and protect the valve from excessive stress. 

Both metal and rubber valves are suitable as van valves. Perfect EQUIPMENT rubber valves use a particularly hard rubber and a longer and stronger brass body, which results in more stability while driving and makes the valve safe and reliable. However, at speeds above 210 km/h it is better to use metal van valves.

It is recommended to have the rubber valves replaced every time the tires are changed. Transport valves are subjected to heavy stress and can be damaged. In particular, rubber valves should be checked to see whether the rubber is brittle or there is corrosion on the valve core. Defective valves on tires pose a high safety risk: loss of pressure in the tire can lead to loss of control and a longer braking distance, but also increase wear and fuel consumption. Regular inspection and replacement of the Transporter valves is therefore a must.

Even though a metal van valve is more robust, it should be replaced every time the tire is changed or at least after two seasons. Tire valves are subjected to heavy wear and are subject to many environmental influences during their service life, such as exposure to sunlight or the use of chemicals. Even the absence of the valve cap can lead to a loss of pressure in the tire. Therefore, the metal valve should also be checked at regular intervals.
You can find more information on the subject of changing car valves in our FAQ section


Valve caps and cores

At Perfect EQUIPMENT you will find high quality valve caps and valve cores for every common type of car. Valve caps prevent dirt deposits on the valve, which can get into the valve by filling the wheels with air. Due to this effect, the valve can no longer close after some time and there is a loss of pressure. Accordingly, the appropriate accessories should be used. With the valve caps from Perfect EQUIPMENT you can prevent this effect. Whether with a black or green valve cap from Perfect EQUIPMENT, with this high-quality valve accessories you extend the life of your tires.

Check your tire pressure and valve accessories at regular intervals. This will increase your driving safety and also reduce your driving costs in the long term. If you notice a loss of pressure, first check the valve caps, then the valve core, the entire valve and only finally the entire tire. In most cases, the solution is less expensive and faster than you think. At Perfect EQUIPMENT you will find all the accessories you need to make wheel service in your workshop even better.

Our Perfect EQUIPMENT valve cores are characterized by easy installation and their high tightness. High quality and at a good price: So that your valves are protected from moisture, dirt and creeping pressure loss. At Perfect EQUIPMENT you will find everything you need for valves.